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Wound Care

When injured we have to go through effective wound care.
1. Wash Remove Debries
2. Spray Anti-bacteria Agent – Spray8
3. Bandage (Stops Foreign Objects)

Further simplified with Spray8
Just Spray Liberally!

Diabetic Wound Risk

Half of Diabetics will visit a Hospital/Clinic for an Infection (lifetime).
1 in 5 in will experience an abnormal infection (yearly).

What is Spray8?

Spray8 originates from an all natural wound care mist containing DermaXan, which has been used in Clinics and Hospitals

Originally created with 8 uses.

Why Spray8?

We have discovered major relief can be experienced by reducing inflammation and killing harmful bacteria which Spray8 has been extremely successful at. While still being 100% all natural.

Who is Spray8?

The range of Spray8 products has been created to prevent and relieve skin problems experienced by our conscious customers. Owned by Furley Bioextracts

Where to Spray8?

Onto the skin and/or areas which require relief. (External Use)

When to Spray8?

The all natural formula is safe for use when and wherever it is required at one’s area which is prone to infection and discomfort.

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