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3x Faster Wound Healing

All 100% Natural.

Contains DermaXan

100% All Natural

After 15 years we have created the Spray8 series, all natural whilst being highly potent and effective.

The materials we use are natural across the range.

No Sting Formulas.

Safe & Effective

Using the latest scientific methodology in genetic models our products demonstrate efficacy stronger than even conventional drugs.

Harnessing the healing properties of DermaXan.


Furley Bioextracts vision to have everyone fulfilling life is dear to us. Seeing through this we have an extensive program.

Ensuring those who need our products the most get our products click here.


All 100% Natural No sting formula.

Wound Care Mist

Worlds only 2 in 1, 100% All Natural Wound Care without pain/sting.

Eczema Relief

All 10% natural cream with concentrated DermaXan to relief and prevent eczema.

Spray8 for Kids

Created to be as natural and pure as possible using the latest biotechnologies making them free from SLS, Parabens,
Bleaching Agents, Petrol Chemicals, Plastics and much more.

Skin Allergy Remedy

Easy to use Spray formula, provides immediate relief and protection allergies.

Nappy & Milk Soothing Cream

100% all natural vegetable oil base fortified with DermaXan to provide itch and swelling relief from inflammation.

Baby Moisturising Cream

100% all natural vegetable oil base fortified with DermaXan to nourish the skin, moisturize and prevent the onset of eczema.

Baby Head to Toe Cleanser

100% all natural ingredients and base has been fortified with DermaXan to clean and protect the skin from irritants from Head to Toe naturally!

Oral Care – Coming Soon

Using concentrated dosage of DermaXan, to provide natural relief of mouth Ulcers.

Ulcer Relief Spray

Using all natural ingredients, DermaXan kills bacteria responsible for ulcers and provides inflammation relief.

Ulcer Gargle Shield.

Fortified with DermaXan to prevent future outbreak of mouth Ulcers whilst providing relief of inflammation.


Natural, 2 in 1 Action.

Worlds 1st All Natural skin care with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties.

Just In Malaysia…


All Natural. (Including the base)

2 in 1

Antibacterial & Antiinflammation.
World’s 1st All Natural 2 in 1 for skin care.


Pharmacies & Outlets selling our stock


Prototypes created

Over 2000

Satisfied customers


USA, UK, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia

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Natural Skin, Maintenance, Relief.

Curated for everybody in the family whilst being all natural.


Pain-free wound care with just 1 spray. 2 in 1 antibacterial and anti-inflammation.

An all natural formulation capable of even killing antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Created with our kids in mind. Formulated to be 100% All Natural, gentle on the skin with soothing skin healing properties.


Offering a range of unique sprays and mouth gargles for treating and preventing mouth ulcers naturally.

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